1983Bertrand Bornhauser created Mindest to develop the international market of food-processing by- products (mainly meat meals and animal fats).
 19961st "mad cow" crisis ; Mindest was the first company to organize the cross-border incineration of meat meals inside the European Union.
 1997/98Mindest took care of the irish and portuguese meat meals stocks made up in 1996, and organized their elimination towards Germany.
 1999Mindest worked directly with the European Commission 's veterinary committee in order to accredit some german factories in the very restrictive bounds of the European law concerning the transport and the disposal of wastes, thus creating a new industry.
 20002nd "mad cow" crisis : all the meat meals and some categories of animal fats are excluded from the cattle's feeding.Stocks are made up. Finding outlets is an emergency. Mindest decides at this moment to invest mainly in the expansion of eliminating solutions by recovering these products especially in Germany, but also in England, Belgium and Italy.
Mindest helped for the elimination of more than 700 000 tons of meat meals and animal fats, so the company became the market leader.
 2003Mindest decided to develop the industry of waste recovering (sludges and flying ashes) and renewable energy sources (green electricity producers, methanogenesis, biodiesel) by bringing its expertise concerning the knowledge of the legislation and its documentary and logistic know-how.
 2004/2007Mindest wins 65% of the french tenders for meat meal destocking.
 2008 Mindest wins the tender for the loading, the transport and the recovering of the five remaining French sites of meat meal storage, that is to say 525 000 tons.
 2012The Mindest Group creates Mindest WMS SA solely responsible for the business of valorisation of flying ashes. During July 2012 the Tiru Group acquired 34% of the capital of Mindest WMS SA. In october Mindest obtains the ISCC EU certification
 2013Mindest obtains the ISCC DE certification in february.

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